Gabriel Holand with MBA students of Indiana University Northwest

On March 16, Mr. Alan Glass, Director of Woodbridge International, Mr. David Taylor, Executive Director of Metro Capital, Gabriel Holand Managing Director of HR Global Argentina and 16 MBA students of Indiana University Northwest, had a meeting to talk and exposed their views about the future for Argentina.

At the meeting, the panelists brought out strengths and weaknesses of the country, as well they identified opportunities and challenges. In that way, the students asked more about the economic crisis and the recovery plan, what happen with inflation and unemployment rates.

This was the closing event of the trip for the MBA students, and the could understand the system on the whole after visiting companies and business professionals.

We are delighted to have shared a robust discussion  with excellent professionals.

Gabriel Holand Profile 
Year of birth: 1956
Married, two daughters
Address: Florida 622 3rd floor office Nº12
Mobile: (+54911) 4411-7872

Expert with over 30 years of professional experience working with numerous top-level financial entities (e.g. Citigroup, HSBC).
Managing Director at HR GLOBAL Consultores Financieros  Specialized in International Finance and Investment Project & Portfolio Management, Fintech Project Leader
Author of the books:Invertir y Ganar es Posible (Aunque Nadie Dijo que Fuera Fácil)” published by Ediciones B, and “Basilea: Nuevos Paradigmas” edited by the Council of Economic Sciences Professionals of the City of Buenos Aires

MIB / NASD certified, Doctoral Candidate
Facilitator and University Professor
Professor Emeritus at the Universidad Piloto in Colombia
Professor at the International Centre for Business & Finance, A Coruña, Spain
Director at ADEN Business School: E-Learning Specialized in Banks, Capital Markets, and Portfolio Management (Argentina, Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala)
Trainer at the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Argentina
Professor at the University of Palermo (UP), E-Learning, Argentina
Facilitator and Trainer

Collaborates as a specialist in capital markets, financial matters, and Fintech at the newspapers Diario La Nación (Argentina), El Cronista, IProfesional, Inversor Global, NTN24 Colombia, and El Financiero México

Professional Background:
Doctoral Candidate in International Relations at the Universidad del Salvador
Master’s Degree in International Business and Trade, Ecole des Pontes et Chaussées
Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard Law School
Master’s Degree, Hong Kong Securities Institute
Brokerage – Series 6 Certification, National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) / Citigroup
Degree in Business Administration, UADE
Senior Trainer and Developer of Theoretical-Practical Workshops focused on Global Capital Markets, Business Valuation, Investment Project Appraisal, Global Investment Portfolio Manager
English – fluent


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